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AnDroidDraw is an Android application which integrates with DroidDraw to allow you to download your GUIs from the DroidDraw application and preview your GUIs on an Android device.

Step Zero

Scan this code to download direct to your phone.
Or install from your desktop computer:
  • Download AnDroidDraw.apk.
  • Install it on your Android device using adb:
    adb install AnDroidDraw.apk

Step Zero Point Five
Install a port forwarding rule with:
adb forward tcp:6100 tcp:7100

Step One
Run AnDroidDraw on your Android device, you should see something like:


Step Two
Run DroidDraw on your computer and create a GUI, (for more info on creating GUIs see tutorial 1, tutorial 2.) then choose "Project -> Send GUI to Device" from the DroidDraw menus

Step Three
You should now see the xml for your newly created GUI on the Android screen like this:

Step Four
Press the "Preview GUI" button to preview your GUI.

Step Five
When you are finished, press the back arrow, to return to the main AnDroidDraw screen.

Note, if you are interested, you can edit the XML in the text box and press "Preview GUI" again to view your changes. However, these changes will not be propogated back to DroidDraw.

Step Six
That's it! ???/Comments/Bugs brendan.d.burns on gmail.